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ChoicePlus Primary Care Program-Insurance

ThriveHealth Employer Solutions

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📞 540-324-9048



On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, if we are not on-site, please call 540-324-9048; we will most likely be able to assist you. As we are not a corporate medicine facility, we are not always on-site. We offer in-person appointments, telehealth services, and website booking links. We either return calls promptly or answer the phone immediately. The office phone is always with someone during office hours, so please give us a call for an appointment or if you have any questions. If we can help, we will!  We look forward to assisting you or your company.

Thank you for visiting, and be well!

ChoiceHealth DPC

Family Practice


ChoiceHealth Primary Care, a distinct primary care wing of ChoiceHealth, offers a unique and adaptable approach to healthcare. We are committed to maintaining a small, exclusive patient panel, limiting each provider to a maximum of 300 patients to ensure personalized, thorough care. This model allows us to adapt our onsite availability based on growth and specific patient needs, ensuring that every visit is meaningful and focused on you.

Our flexible scheduling reflects our commitment to patient-centric care, allowing us to expand or adjust our onsite days as needed. This ensures that whether we're growing our team or adjusting to patient demand, the quality and accessibility of your care remain our top priority. With our MVP program, we provide even greater access and convenience, offering extended communication and after-hours services for those seeking enhanced care. At ChoiceHealth DPC, we're not just a healthcare provider; we're a dedicated partner in your health journey, committed to providing care that's as unique as you are.


Based in Virginia, Thrive Health is a leading provider of Employer Health Solutions, dedicated to improving workforce well-being and efficiency. Our comprehensive services include DOT and new hire physicals, drug tests, labs, and advanced screenings with

AI-scored Health Risk Assessments.

We also offer an innovative 'in-house' Primary Care insurance program, allowing employers to provide affordable care for just $50/month per employee, offering a solution for those with high deductibles or no insurance.

Our mission is to collaborate with employers in crafting customized health programs that benefit both companies and their

employees, ensuring a healthier,

more productive workplace.

Thrive Health
Employer Solutions

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