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Timely Access To Care

Our Services

For Urgent Care needs, establishing Primary Care, or if you need a bridge visit until you can see your doctor, ChoiceHealth is here to assist. All patients can easily access and book appointments using the provided link

Established patients can access all their Labs, Reports, Charts, Book Appointments, View and Sign Forms, and More with our 24/7 Patient Portal.


Join our ChoicePlus Primary Care Program

Tired of The Healthcare System and ready to join our ChoicePlus Program for expanded services and availability?  What are you waiting for! Stop being just another number and start

Thriving Today!

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Our Focus

At ChoiceHealth, our mission is simple: to revolutionize primary care by prioritizing patient health and well-being. We're stepping away from corporate-driven healthcare to offer personalized, community-focused care that values tradition and innovation. Our goal is to provide accessible, top-quality healthcare for our patients!

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